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Strafford Upon Avon FAQ Limo Hire 

  • Looking for the "Best Limo Price ?"  You may be disappointed!

    The biggest error you could make when shopping for a limo rental is searching based on PRICE. In the limousine industry, there are many variances of quality and price. All too often, a cheaper price translates into larger risk for you. the limousine renter.

    Most consumers would not choose a restaurant or hotel based on price, yet people shop for a limo service this way and expect 5-star quality service. If you shop for a limousine based on price alone, you will likely be frustrated and disappointed with your limousine experience.

    Old, dirty, poorly maintained vehicles, shoddy service, unprofessional chauffeurs with poor hygiene, dangerous vehicles, late service, and under-insured services are all possible results of a "best price" shopping priority.  There are  exceptions -- however, the rule usually is - the lower the price, the more risk you will assume with your  luxury transportation needs.

  • Don't be afraid to ask about Insurance and Permits.

    All limousines are required to carry commercial insurance and the proper permits. Unfortunately, the Yellow Pages and advertising services do not require insurance coverage or permits in order to advertise in their publications. Don't be afraid to protect yourself from "gypsy companies", and ask for proof of these items from your selected limousine company.

  • What type of vehicles do you have?

    Our fleet of luxury "Millennium" shape limousines are all QVM qualified and are designed specifically for use at weddings limo, anniversaries limo hire, nights out, day trips, surprise proposals, birthdays limos , hen nights limousines and any special occasions.

  • Do you require a deposit and what type of payment do you accept?

    Limo Hire does require a deposit which varies based on the vehicle type. Final payment is due prior to any service or on the day of the event. We accept cash, cheque and credit cards.

  • How much does a limousine hire cost?

    Limousine hire varies based on they type of limousine needed, the time of the month and day of the week. Please contact  Limo Hire @ 0800 040 9011 so that we can discuss your needs and custom tailor a limo package that will meet or exceed your desires.

  • I want to attend a special event (Prom / Concert / Sporting Event), how early should I book a reservation?

    Since our limousines are booked on a first come first serve basis, you need to book your reservation as early as possible to insure that you will get the limousine that you want.

Stratford Limos can offer an extensive range of 8, 10, 12 and 16 seater stretched and super stretched limousine.

Call now for a free quote on 0800 002 9475 in Stratford.